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Roofing jobs are big jobs – and they’re messy. From old shingles to roofing underlayment to damaged drywall, there are plenty of components coming off a roof that need to be properly discarded. Choose the right roofing dumpster rental from GLR Solutions for the size of your job so you can clean up as you go and maintain a safe work zone.

Open Top Dumpsters for Roofing Jobs

There are many reasons a major project like a roofing redo benefits from the use of an open-top dumpster:

  • Safe: Trash of any kind is a hazard in a construction job, but especially when it contains nails and staples like roofing material. Collect all roofing in a dumpster to avoid injury and a yard, driveway, or parking lot littered with dangerous debris.
  • Convenient: No one wants to have to go around and pick up dozens and dozens of roofing items at the end of the job. You can save that time for inspection only when you use an open-top dumpster that lets you toss in your items with ease.
  • Efficient: All the trash all in one place. No multiple trips to waste disposal sites. An open-top dumpster saves you an incredible amount of time and effort. One dumpster for one job – easy.
  • Professional: You’re responsible for the roofing and making sure your trash makes it into your dumpster. Your roofing dumpster rental company is responsible for complying with local statutes for waste disposal.

What Size Roofing Dumpster Rental Do You Need?

It’s important to make the right estimation of the debris and trash you will have from your roofing job or jobs so you can select the right size dumpster. Part of getting rid of large amounts of trash responsibly is choosing an adequate size receptacle for the job. It’s always better to have extra room than not enough.

Here are the sizes of open top dumpsters available for roofing dumpster rental:

  • 10 yard: 8’ wide x 18’ long x 2’ high
  • 20 yard: 8’ wide x 18’ long x 4’ high
  • 30 yard: 8’ wide x 22’ long x 6’ high
  • 40 yar: 8’ wide x 22 long x 8’ high

Be prepared to discuss your roofing job with a GLR Solutions representative so you can get the most appropriate recommendation for your dumpster size.

Roofing Dumpster Rental Near Me

If you are ready to start your roofing job and need a receptacle to hold all the trash and waste and debris you create, connect with GLR Solutions and enjoy the following service advantages:

  • Reasonable rates: Trash disposal should not be the priciest part of your job. Get a free estimate so you know all the numbers before your project begins.
  • Reliability: You give us a day and time to deliver your dumpster and we will be there. Our delivery schedule is flexible and our pick-up dates and times are too should you finish your roofing job ahead of schedule.
  • Ease of use: Dumpsters should be parked in a convenient place so it’s easy for you to get debris in it without any trouble. Our delivery driver will maneuver your dumpster into position wherever you need it.
  • Excellent customer service: At GLR Solutions, we pride ourselves on superior customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Get a Roofing Dumpster Rental from GLR Solutions

Simplify your roofing job. Call GLR Solutions, discuss your waste disposal needs, rent a dumpster, and wait for us to deliver it on the agreed-upon date. You fill it and we take it away. Contact us in Fraser, Michigan, to get a roofing dumpster rental.

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