Dumpster for Remodeling

Whether you’re homeowner or landlord tackling a DIY remodeling job or you are a contractor for whom remodels are your bread and butter, you will always have plenty of trash and debris to discard.

No matter the size of a renovation, you need a dumpster for remodeling to make your efforts easier, safer, and more efficient. At GLR Solutions, we deliver the right size dumpster rental for your needs.

Why You Need a Dumpster for Remodeling

Remodeling jobs require a dumpster for remodeling during tear-down and during installation. From start to finish, you need a receptacle that can hold everything you’re discarding.

Whether you’re working with drywall, carpeting, laminate, hardwood, fixtures, or otherwise, the old stuff must go somewhere to make room for the new – and the packaging that the new elements come in needs to be discarded properly.

Why Open-Top Dumpsters Are Ideal for Remodeling Jobs

If you’re trying to decide between a lidded or open-top dumpster, if you’re trying to decide whether you need a dumpster at all, there are plenty of reasons a remodel benefits most from an open-top dumpster rental:

  • Safe: Every little bit of trash can be put in that dumpster to ensure that your demolition zone and work area is safe. In most cases, a home remodel means you’re working in an active living area. Even when you stop for the night, there are people around whether you like it or not – and one stray nail or piece of drywall could cause an injury or damage. Collect all the debris in the dumpster to eliminate hazards.
  • Convenient: If you collect bags and boxes of trash and take them to the dump or recycling center daily, you’re sucking a ton of time out of your schedule. What if you miss a day? Then your truck bed or trunk is full of debris and there’s no room for new trash. A dedicated dumpster for remodeling means the stuff you don’t want always has somewhere to go – and someone else to drag it away when you’re finished so it’s no longer your responsibility.
  • Professional: Contractors must fill their clients with confidence about what they’re doing on the job and bringing in a temporary dumpster for remodeling is a sign of competency. There won’t be a pile of trash in a client’s yard or home waiting for end-of-project removal. The dumpster holds every piece of debris and when the job is done, the dumpster disappears too.

Selecting the Right Size Dumpster for Remodeling

Be prepared to talk to a GLR Solutions representative about the type of job you’re undertaking so they can make the most appropriate recommendation for the size dumpster for remodeling that you need. You want to get rid of trash responsibly and that begins by choosing a dumpster that holds the right amount of debris – it’s always better to have room leftover than to not have enough room.

Here are open-top dumpster sizes available:

  • 10 yard: 8’ wide x 18’ long x 2’ high (ideal for concrete removal)
  • 20 yard: 8’ wide x 22 long x 4’ high (ideal for construction debris, household trash, and furniture)
  • 30 yard: 8’ wide x 22 long x 6’ (ideal for household trash, furniture, and construction debris)
  • 40 yard: 8’ wide x 22 long x 8’ (ideal for demolition debris, construction debris, household trash, and furniture)

Rent a Dumpster for Remodeling from GLR Solutions

Whatever kind of remodeling job you’re doing – from bathroom to bedroom, basement to kitchen – you need a place to park your trash. Be prepared to manage the debris from the job from day one but renting a dumpster for remodeling from GLR Solutions.

You rent it, we park it, you fill it, we haul it away. Our service offers reasonable rates, reliability, and excellent customer service. Contact GLR Solutions in Fraser, MI, to rent your dumpster for remodeling today.

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