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Ilene Rosen Bischer began her career at Great Lakes Recycling in June 1982. Her part-time work transitioned into full-time work in June 1984, and today she proudly holds the positions of vice president and partner. “This is my family’s legacy, and I hope that my grandchildren will one day make the same statement,” Ilene says.

In her roles, which come with a generous helping of responsibilities, Ilene is the primary contact for all tasks related to IT, software, and phones, while also handling all the “point-to-point shipments” of cardboard, plastic, and miscellaneous paper and metal (aka “brokerage”). “I love the excitement of the buy and sell of scrap,” says Ilene, who works in GLR’s Roseville corporate headquarters.

Ilene is also the company’s unofficial resident chef: “You can usually find me at lunchtime preparing something – soup, chili, sandwiches, cookies – in our kitchen for anyone who wants to eat. GLR is a family. The people I work with are more than just coworkers,” says Ilene. Not every company is fortunate to have the sort of family-friendly environment that GLR nurtures.

GLR’s origination as a family business, and Ilene’s enthusiasm and guidance, has imbued the company’s employees with dedication and the determination to work hard. “Great Lakes Recycling has an impeccable reputation, not just locally but nationally,” says Ilene. “We pride ourselves on being honest and fair to all our customers, big and small.”

Through Ilene’s efforts and her love for her career and family history, GLR has reached great heights and continues to grow while maintaining an impeccable level of customer service for every customer. Ilene makes a point to improve her leadership skills and engagement with employees through programs like the Dale Carnegie Leadership Management course. She is a member of the Leadership Macomb Class of 2016.

When not at GLR, Ilene can be found in Macomb where she loves to spend time with her family, whether they’re boating, swimming, playing cards, or cooking together.

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